Central African Republic is a country the size of Texas.  There are slightly under 5 million people that live here.  Needless to say it is not a very crowded place.  As I write this from the city center I see a few cars in the street.  Not a whole lot of activity outside.  That being said, there is a lot going on through TTI leaders across the capital city of Bangui and the rest of the country.  We are currently training 100 church planters in C.A.R.  To date they have been able to start 80 house churches.

Though there is a large Christian percentage, the average person is not pursuing a relationship with Christ.  Rather they are christian by birth or by culture…as a result, this sort of nominal Christianity leads to apathy and immorality.  Please pray for the Leaders of TTI in CAR as well as the students as they go out to plant churches.  Below is a few pictures from my trip.

Group Photo of TTI Leadership in CAR.

Group Photo with TTI Students after class.

Newly Started House Church by TTI Student