Bahadur’s Story

Bahadur has had a long life filled withstruggle. Despite his best efforts, he and his family found no relief from the hardships theyencountered. A family member developed an ongoing illness that stretched them to the brink financially, and he felt despair. Bahadur turned to his religious practices and sacrifices, but nothing changed. Eventually, the futility of his efforts made life feel meaningless.

Then, by God’s grace, Bahadur recently heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the first time. Jonah, a disciple maker, met and shared withhim the Good News, and Bahadur was convinced immediately. He shared his newfound joy and the peace in Christ with his family, and each member of his household responded positively. The struggles that once held him down are no longer the burden they once were – Bahadur is learning to live by faith and not by sight.  He now shares this Good News with his neighbors, and gladly attends the fellowship every week with an ever-growing joy and peace!

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