Isaiah 64:4-6 gives an honest interpretation into the heart of many people today.  Verse 4 and part of 5 clearly tell that “those who wait for him” and remember “you in your ways” meet him joyfully.  Yet, verse 5 goes on to say that we sinned and have been entangled in those sins ever since. This leads to a famous passage that talks of all our righteousness being equal to filthy rags. 

What is your motivation to follow after God today?  Are we waiting on the Lord to lead us?  Or do we guide him?

Commenting on Verse 6 Spurgeon says: “However extreme the phrasing, the point is important. Even the works that seem holiest from the outside can be corrupt and unrighteous. “Sirs, there is sin in our prayers; they need to be prayed over again. There is filth in the very tears that we shed in penitence; there is sin in our very holiness; there is unbelief in our faith; there is hatred in our very love; there is the slime of the serpent upon the fairest flower of our garden.”

Is there sin in your prayers?  Is there filth in the tears you shed?  Is there unbelief in your faith? Is there hatred in your love?  If so let verse 8 be your prayer today…”we are the clay, and you are our potter”