As we continue sharing stories of persecution consider Matthew 5:10-12 as you read this real story from a TTI Student from Asia.

I was born and brought up in a tribal animist poor family. Since my childhood I used to worship various gods with my parents but we were not happy in my family due to sickness, poverty and there was no peace in our home. In these circumstances we came to know about the True God. We as family accepted Him as our savior in the year of 2003 since then we were following our savior and relay on Him for all our needs.
On 23rd August 2008, I overheard a loud speaker saying kill all the Christians and burn their houses and loot their belongings. They even killed one person nearby my village…After this, I came to my house and took my 8 month pregnant wife and two children with much difficultly into the thick forest to save our lives…we were without food for 4 days. We were watching from the forest as a large number of people burned down my house and the other believers’ houses. In this situation we heard a loudspeaker sound from police saying that if anyone in the forest wanted safety they should come out and would be transported to a Relief camp. After hearing this voice we came down and went to camp. We did not have any thing with us. We stayed in the camp for 8 months. My wife delivered a son in the month of October 2008.
While the Government decided to send us back to our native place by providing a Tent to put nearby our house and we started reconstruction of our home. I sent my children to my relative’s house and started the construction work, now we are staying in an uncompleted house with my family. We lost all our belongings, but we have not lost our Savior.
Now we have started to worship our Lord in my own village. I am thanking my Lord for the TTI program, which equipped me to serve the Lord effectively in my ministry. At present 27 new people are attending our fellowship. We have baptized 18 people and there are 8 more people ready for Baptism. Please pray for this small beginning as we are praying to reach all the villagers with the Gospel.