Church Without Borders

At the beginning of the year, none of us could have predicted how different 2020 would be. Many were directly or indirectly affected by the pandemic. Our work across the continent was also affected. The church planters in Africa typically encounter a variety of unique challenges and they were exacerbated by the pandemic. Nevertheless, their resilience remained—they stood strong, adapted, and found ways to keep sharing the love and hope of Christ.

Staying unified in our vision to reach people living without the Gospel, they recognized the urgency to share the Good News in these uncertain times. They demonstrated faith that went beyond borders. 

Fabian, a church planter in Zanzibar, Tanzania, used the local radio station to share the love of Christ to a population that is 98% Muslim. Through this one broadcast, he reached more people across the island in one day than he typically would have in a week. 

Emmanuel, a church planter in Malindi, Kenya, raised local support. He utilized it to share food provisions and the Gospel with over 120 families of the most vulnerable in his community. This generosity impacted 211 people who came to Christ. 

Church planters in many of the countries equally contributed in one way or another to support their communities while sharing the Word of God. 

For our church planters, the Church is neither the walls of a building nor the shade of a tree. It is the people under those roofs or branches; it is the hands and feet of Jesus, speaking life to perishing souls. From streaming live videos in Egypt to sending text messages and phone calls in Ethiopia and West Africa, the church planters stopped at nothing to spread the Gospel.

By the end of September, 55,849 people accepted Christ into their lives. Despite the pandemic, 2,835 new churches have been planted, some among Unreached People Groups, providing a source of fellowship and spiritual nourishment for believers. These churches have not allowed any limitations to diminish their love. Pulling together despite their economic shortcomings, they are caring for 4,876 widows and 5,704 orphans across the continent. Going forth under the abundant grace of God, they demonstrate faith and boldness leading to significant Kingdom impact.

Together, we move forward, knowing that every exercise of faith is an opportunity for glory to be given to God and His Kingdom.

Emmanuel Fabian Reaching out during Covid 19 Pandemic.
Emmanuel Fabian, a TTI Church planter sharing the Gospel at a local radio station in Zanzibar.
Church in Lubago, Tanzania.
Napupuo Church, in south sudan planted by Titus – Emmanuel Lokitoi

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