Below is an update of the work going on in Africa.  TTI is set to get started with a few thousand students in the coming months.  Right now many of our top level leaders are being trained in a refresher course.  Here is a report from our leader in one such area:

This report highlights the successes of the over 20 days of TTI’s Teacher Training workshop, between April 15 through May 8, 2010 in Liberia.

The Seminar was held under the spirit of real Peace, and a true Joy of Christian Brethren Fellowship in the Lord. There was no form of confusion at all.

We give God the Glory for all of you who kept us in your prayer during our time of togetherness at the seminar in Liberia.  We invited and expected between 17-20 District Leaders, with national Leaders, but a total of 25 Leaders attended plus five (5) women serving full time as care providers, preparing, and serving the meals on time. Hence, a total of 25 men and 5 women actively participated in the seminar. These women headed by my Wife Sarah did their best at all levels of catering as all the District Leaders gained over 10 lbs each at the end the 24 days of tireless services.  

The General Conduct of the Leaders at the Seminar shows their maturity, integrity, and willingness to serve the Lord’s vineyard with the TTI vision, and a true spirit of Christian Behavior. The Leaders asked responsible questions during the time of session as each facilitator presents to the session topic under discussion. Below are a few pictures taken from the time of training:

Our Leaders receiving a certificate of Completion

Students Studying hard