Africa 2020 Highlights

Church without Borders

The Church is neither the walls of a building nor the shade of a tree. It is the people under those roofs or branches. From streaming live videos in Egypt, to sending text messages and phone calls in Ethiopia and West Africa, church planters stopped at nothing to spread the Gospel—even during a pandemic.


Terror attacks. Flooding. COVID-19. Church planters in Kenya faced many adversities but continued to rely on God to move. The fruit: 50 new believers and two new churches planted.


The crisis of Christian persecution in Nigeria is a growing phenomenon. Despite the hardships they face, their thirst for Christ remains—and it surpasses their fear as they share the love of Jesus with their communities. 


As the pandemic unfolded, the TTI team in Cotonou got creative and  took to the streets to deliver messages of hope. Twenty new believers now carry eternal hope and hold to the promises of Christ.

Burkina Faso

Despite persecution and death threats, church planters in Burkina Faso won’t let up as they bring the Gospel to Unreached People Groups.

East and North Africa are on the brink of a Church Planting Movement

Forty-four third-generation churches have been planted in East and North Africa in 2020. They’re on their way to a church planting movement! 

COVID-19 Relief

How do you share the love of Christ with your neighbors? For us, it meant supporting our church planters and their communities during these uncertain times.