Making Disciples Who Make Disciples

Adurshan’s Story

Adurshan was born and raised in a traditional Hindu family in Sri Lanka. From a young age, Adurshan felt the weight of providing for his family. His father suffered from a mental illness for many years and had difficulties finding treatment that would allow him to provide for the family. To bring relief to his family, Adurshan decided to look for a way to earn money even if that meant leaving his home country.

Trying to determine his next steps, Adurshan talked to one of his friends, Thasadara who was getting her training as a TTI disciple maker. She shared the Gospel of Jesus with him, prayed for his situation, and invited him to a worship service. Week by week as Adurshan attended the fellowships, he prayed and sought help from God for his situation and healing for his father. He even began bringing his father to church with him. Gradually as his faith grew, a miracle started happening in his life and family. God healed his father and gave Adurshan peace in trusting Jesus with his life.

Presently, Adurshan has started a new journey of faith in Jesus. His father has also come to know Christ as his savior. Adurshan continues to live in his country and is currently getting trained as a next generation disciple maker with Thasarada. As he shares the Gospel with those in his community, he requests prayer for his life and future. Glory and praise be to Jesus Christ!

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