Making Disciples Who Make Disciples

A New Hope

Ugma Ram is a TTI disciple maker who travels through the villages in South Asia. He was using the audio Bible to share the Gospel with villagers. One day Ram met Sunita.  

He learned that Sunita grew up angry. She was born with a deformity that caused one of her legs to grow longer than the other. Instead of being embraced with love, her parents cursed her. Even though Sunita owned a sewing center that employed several women, many in her community disliked her. Her anger consumed her.  

Sunita turned to her faith for reprieve. She and her family were meticulously obedient about Hindu worship practices. She followed those traditions and rituals, even choosing to be an enemy of Christ and the Gospel. Still, she struggled through life.  

Ram shared the Gospel with Sunita. Using the audio Bible, Sunita was able to listen to God’s Word. She began to hear God speak and chose to surrender her life to Him. Hearing and believing a clear presentation of the Gospel gave her peace, joy, salvation and eternal life.  

 The nearest church was too far away, especially because of her disability. However, Ram decided to visit her often to disciple her. To avoid persecution, Sunita was living as a secret believer for months. She could only listen to God’s word, study, and pray in the safety of her sewing center.  

The more she learned about God’s word, the hungrier she was to become a disciple maker. With Ram’s guidance, Sunita started a fellowship in the sewing center using the audio Bible.  

What started with a group of five, resulted in a fellowship of more than 25 women. Sunita’s entire family now follows Christ, proof that disciples make disciples. 

The sewing center is used as a church where people worship every week, even during the pandemic. Ram and his team continue to visit Sunita’s fellowship inside the sewing center. Every week, young women are worshiping and praising the name of Jesus.  

More than 50 people have accepted Christ as Savior after talking with Sunita. She continues to share the Gospel and see Christ create new sons and daughters in the family of God.

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