In an area of East Asia that is 56% Hindi, 25% Muslim and 19% Christian we now have 3 Training Centers (TC’s) with 80 current TTI students and 120 graduates who have planted churches.

However, there are requests for 12 more Training Centers with 350 students waiting to be trained to plant churches. We could open those TC’s if the funding was available.

If you’re new to how TTI is structured, here are the basics: We train people to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ by planting churches. We know it’s been said:

“Planting new churches is the most effective evangelistic methodology known under Heaven” and we believe that.

Thus, we take a TTI student/church planter through a 10 month crash course:

1)       Hermeneutics (Interpreting the Bible)

2)       Homiletics (Communicating the Bible)

3)       Church Planting & Book of Acts (Evangelism & Discipleship)

4)       Old Testament I (Seven Key Points of each book)

5)       Old Testament II (Chronological view of the OT in Historical Order)

6)       New Testament Gospels (The Life & Ministry of Jesus)

7)       New Testament Pastoral Epistles (Timothy & Titus)

8)       New Testament General Letters (Survey & Study of Romans to Revelation)

9)       Major Bible Doctrines (The Theology of the Bible)

10)   Apologetics, Church History & Spiritual Warfare (Defending the faith, a background for the faith, the battle against the world, our flesh and Satan)

We don’t just give church planters an education with no expectations. The very clear expectation throughout the TTI materials is that the student use this new knowledge to go plant a church. We try very hard to connect knowing and doing.

At present, every 24 hours as the sun rises, 18 new churches will be planted via TTI which translates into hundreds of new believers coming to faith in Christ for the first time. You can partner with TTI by training one student for $200, thereby planting a new life-giving church into an unreached community.

Help us open 12 new Training Centers in East Asia. Give to TTI Asia.