The heart and soul of the Timothy Initiative is church planting. Our goal of planting 20,000 churches in the next five years is starting to come together. As of July 16, 2009 we currently have a running total of 3,021 churches. We thought it would be a good idea to explain what we mean when we say there are over 3,000 churches across Asia as a result of the Timothy Initiative. A church, can meet in a building, house, or even under a tree. The exterior structure or lack of is really not the issue. Rather, the Churches here in Africa and Asia consist of a group of believers gathered together on a normal basis to worship God.

It’s an amazing thought to consider that there are 3,021 different groups of believers across Asia worship God as a result of the Timothy Initiative. We are humbled at this realization. We are also encouraged and are becoming more and more focused on the kind of impact that this will have on Asia, Africa, and the World for that matter. It is even more exciting realizing that we are just scratching the surface. Philip is in Africa now meeting with different leaders across many nations. We are contacted almost daily requesting training for pastors and church planters.

These are exciting times for the Timothy Initiative. We give all the praise and glory to God. We also thank all of those who have sacrificed to see this ministry flourish. The support of those back home is what helps sustain the work. The harvest is plentiful, and the workers are springing up all over the world! Please stay in touch, stay involved, and keep this ministry in your prayers.