Great news from two TTI students in Benin, West Africa.  I know these will encourage you!

Testimony from TTI Student  DOGBLE Afi Martine

Despite that my husband is a pastor for many years, both of us were not trained but we love God and his work. When my husband heard about TTI, he informed me then we siezed this opportunity to be trained. The simplicity of the teachings was an encouragment for both of us. As I can understand the Gospel in it’s simple way, I told my husband that we should target many villages.

Then we started with one village and it worked. We moved to the second village and it worked too. I am sad that we waited so long before understanding the Gospel as such. Despite my age, I feel like a young girl and have more strength like before. Especially every time on my way back home after visiting new souls, I can experience what the Lord says about the feet of people sharing the Gospel. My life now has a sense and a purpose. Thanks God for TTI.


Testimony from TTI Student AGBO  Ayao.

I went to a certain Bible College in Togo and have my 3 and 4 years Diploma. In that school, we are so proud that we don’t need any more training again because we know everything. I even come to Agoe Fiovi area to start a church. I was waiting to have money and hire a land before I started and it was taking so long for me to get the funds that is why I have waited more than a year without starting anything. It is during that time I have met Pastor Kouglo who inform me about TTI Curriculum. When I started the course, it was the definition of the church, which delivers me from my long jail. After this deliverance, I started a church under a mango tree in front of my house. Wonderfull. We are 30 in number and in raining season we all go to a classroom in one school near to my house. Finally I even understand that the Church is me and all the people put together that is all.

I thank our heavenly Father who love us so much. Gob bless TTI vision in the world.